Okay, now that Mac thingy runs a brand new #Fedora.

I'm amazed by how good all my tools are integrated: synchronization with @nextcloud works instantly, #Feedreader works very well with my Nextcloud News, and when I skim the news I can save what's important in @wallabag for later in two clicks.

Also, macOS took 60GB of space for the system, where Fedora needs 6GB out of the box.

@thibaultamartin Re: "macOS took 60Gb" — this can't be right, though. The OS is something like 8-10Gb…

@joel I would love if it did. But the storage manager itself on macOS displays "System - 60GB"


@thibaultamartin I think that thing is trying to be so simplified that is misrepresents what's actually going on. Roughtly put, it seems almost everything that's not literally a "Document" gets counted as System.

Anyway, I'm very sure that a fresh install of macOS takes very little space. (It kind of has to, as Apple sells macs with 128Gb disks :)

@joel Yes to be fair we're comparing an OS cluttered after several years of use with a brand new install :)

That said, I had very little space for my actual documents on that 128GB MacBook Pro. IIRC when I unboxed it the system took some ~30GB.

Note that I'm not trying to bash Apple here. I used to be happy user, but I don't like the trend that is going on for the past two years

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